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How I Afford to Buy Clothes for Three Kids!

So buying clothes for three kids ain't easy. Let me just tell you that haha especially if you're working with a tight budget. What I do won't work for everyone and it's not fool proof.

1- I buy and sell on Facebook or Instagram! I know that sounds crazy but that is where the bulk of my children's clothes come from. I don't mean your local mom clothing swap pages either. I find Facebook groups that are specifically meant for my favorite brands. For example, a group I like for Emmett's clothing is "Boys only name brand resale BST w/ minimal rules". Each group you are a part of has it's own set of rules for claiming items, so be sure you read the rules before-hand! Another group I like for all of the children is "Zara Crewcuts Resell". Not only are these groups great to buy in, but also to SELL in! I am constantly rotating their wardrobes by selling clothes they've outgrown and using those funds to purchase more.