How I Afford to Buy Clothes for Three Kids!


So buying clothes for three kids ain't easy. Let me just tell you that haha especially if you're working with a tight budget. What I do won't work for everyone and it's not fool proof.

1- I buy and sell on Facebook or Instagram! I know that sounds crazy but that is where the bulk of my children's clothes come from. I don't mean your local mom clothing swap pages either. I find Facebook groups that are specifically meant for my favorite brands. For example, a group I like for Emmett's clothing is "Boys only name brand resale BST w/ minimal rules". Each group you are a part of has it's own set of rules for claiming items, so be sure you read the rules before-hand! Another group I like for all of the children is "Zara Crewcuts Resell". Not only are these groups great to buy in, but also to SELL in! I am constantly rotating their wardrobes by selling clothes they've outgrown and using those funds to purchase more.

2- Buy out of season! I am currently stocking up on their spring and summer clothing! Items are likely to sell for a cheaper price than they will in peak season when everyone is fighting over swimsuits for their upcoming summer vacation. I have scored some really really cute things by buying out of season. I usually start stocking up on the fall/winter in August!

3- Shop at your local resell stores! In our town we have a children's resell boutique and I have scored some great things there. I also sell a lot of items there. They give you cash or store credit on the spot when they buy clothing/items from you. I usually take the store credit and purchase more clothing there.

Those are just a few tips and tricks on how I do it! I devote several hours to it. I constantly check the new items for sale and it takes a lot of time and planning to sell and package/ship your own items! I love it though. I love the unique items that I have gotten over the years. Here are a list of my favorite small shops for kids. Of course I love the usual H&M, Zara, Old Navy and Babygap for the kids but here are some unique brands/shops I also love (in no particular order).


Little Minis

Alice & Ames

Se Mari Handmade


Crew & Lu


Wildflowers By Lloby

Childhoods Clothing (unisex)

Cheerily (unisex)

Hugo Loves Tiki

Rose and Belle

Little Ladies Boutique


mon petit shoes

mini melissa

saltwater sandals

Mikoleon (unisex)

Adelisa & Co.(unisex)


Emma Joy Bows

Little Poppy Co.

Fancy Free Finery

Emmys Pretties

Confetti Tacos




Little Stocking Co.

Little Light Feet