Valentine's Day Plans With JORD Watches


So Valentine's Day is always one of those holidays that I feel people either love and go all out for OR they treat it like any other day. Eric and I are somewhere in between! We try to do something special by going out to dinner or doing an at home dinner date when the kids go to bed. Whichever route we choose, I like to get a little dressed up. Being a mom with three kids, the reasons to get dressed up are few and far in between so I like to take advantage. I chose this fun red dress and light pink bauble earrings. Eric is wearing a pretty casual outfit but by wearing the Jord watch, it really takes it up a notch! I gifted Eric this stunning watch for Valentine's Day and he absolutely loved it. He is wearing the Dover Olive & Acacia. These wooden watches are perfect for anyone, not only your significant other. They have an amazing selection for women as well. They're the perfect wooden watches with a minimalist look. I love that this watch was given for Valentine's Day but can be a timeless gift as Jord also offers engraving.

You can find my dress here and my earrings here! I feel like a real-life emoji in this dress and I couldn't be happier haha! I love the contrast of the bright red and the soft pink bauble earrings. I feel like it gives the look a fun and youthful vibe. These earrings are actually on sale too! You can't beat that.

Don't forget to enter the Jord giveaway which I will link below. When you enter, you automatically get a coupon to use on the Jord website and you are entered into a chance to win a $100 shop credit.


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