Our Sea World Trip


We just took a family trip to Sea World and it was honestly a blast. We left Sunday, went to the park on Monday and then traveled home as soon as we left the park. On paper that was a good idea, but OMG we are still feeling the affects of the kids not getting any naps or rest for two days haha!

We wanted to make the trek to Sea World because Solara is OBSESSED with whales and sharks. She has always loved all things ocean related. I loved seeing all of the kids' reactions to all of the animals. I have probably heard Emmett yell "Dolphin!" and "Shark!" a million times. It never gets old though :)

The dolphin show and penguin exhibit were our fav things. I definitely recommend everyone take their kids at least once :). We made such fun memories and I'm happy I could share some with you guys! xoxo