Eight Tips On Surviving Motherhood (with toddlers)


Let me start off by saying that I am still applying these tips to my own life. I am in no way, shape, or form an expert in motherhood. I'm all about that #survivingnotthriving lifestyle haha! Your family depends on you keeping your stuff together, and it's freakin' hard! Here are some tips that I implement and try to live by.

#1 - Get out of the house every single day! This is so necessary for your mental health in my opinion. I get out of the house with my kids every morning! I often take them to run errands or to the park. When my kids get out and can get some fresh air, everyone wins. I think often times people do the opposite because it is so much work or for other reasons. I know for my kids, if we are home all day...my life is going to be miserable haha!

#2- Have mommy friends. No one knows what you are going through/experiencing like other moms! No one can fully grasp what it's like until they are a mother themselves. Find mom friends. Lift them up and encourage them too. There is nothing better than giving/receiving encouragement from your mom friends.

#3- Find joy in the little things. Not everyday involves drinks with your friends or a date night with your hubby. Those things are also important but for moms, sometimes those times are few and far in between. I like to look forward to the little things like: my coffee before the kids wake up, getting the kids up for the morning while they're all smiles, that time before bed when the kids are asleep and Eric and I can catch up on our shows. Treat yourself in little ways too! Order from your fav restaurant for lunch, get your nails done or make a Starbucks run.

#4- Have an outlet. It's important to have other things to channel your energy into besides motherhood. For me, it's my blog. Do what you are passionate about!

#5- Don't get caught up in having a perfect home. This is a big one for everyone. I have had to let the desire for a perfectly clean home go. When I had one child I could keep a clean home but as soon as I had the twins, pshh forget it! My house is always messy. There are always loads of laundry to either fold or to be washed. Sometimes you have to choose to stay up cleaning the kitchen OR spending quality time with your spouse. I have gone to bed with a messy kitchen several several times because I'd rather spend time with Eric. A perfect home isn't even realistic for a mom with kids haha! Let's set realistic goals here.

#6- Ask for help! It is sometimes hard to ask for help. Sometimes we (mothers) feel it gives the impression that we don't have it all together, or maybe we just don't want to impose on others. Whatever the reason may be, don't hesitate to ask for help! I couldn't do this mom thing without the help of my friends and family. Asking for "help" could mean even asking for prayer or emotional support.

#7- Don't compare yourself as a mother. This can sometimes be the hardest thing especially in the world of social media. It can look like every mom blogger you follow never has a bad day, their kids never have tantrums, their house is never a mess, and somehow they do it all with hair and makeup done. Let me tell you, this is an illusion. We can't compare ourselves, kids, or situation to others. Comparison is the thief of joy!

#8- Cut yourself lots and lots of slack. You wouldn't be so critical of other moms, right? So why be so hard on yourself? You can only do your best and that is all your kids need :) . Your child isn't going to remember if you made him/her the perfect Easter basket, or if your kitchen is always messy. What they'll remember is the important stuff like quality time! So cut yourself some slack, don't get caught up on the petty stuff, and know that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

I hope I helped at least a little bit and I hope you enjoyed this post from my heart! xoxo!