Whitening Coffee Stains

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So, let me start off by saying I have tried to whiten my teeth several times and my results have always fallen flat. ALWAYS. It is hard to to see results when you're drinking two cups of coffee a day! I am a mom of three kids who are ages three and under. Coffee is a MUST for me! I mean, I'm drinking coffee as I write this haha. When I started whitening with Smile Brilliant, I had high hopes and let me say it did not disappoint. You make a custom teeth tray so it's perfectly molded to your teeth. This makes it so much easier to whiten and ensures every part of each tooth is whitening. The kit also comes with desensitizing gel for everyone with sensitive teeth.

Here is my daily whitening routine. I would put the gel in the trays, dry my teeth, put in my trays and I would leave them in for one hour. You can leave them in longer or less depending on your tooth sensitivity. Once the time is up, you thoroughly rinse the trays and brush your teeth. It really is as simple as that. I would wear the trays while I put the kids down or cleaned the house. They're really comfortable and can easily be worn while you're working on other things.

I honestly feel like my before and after pictures don't do my results justice! I plan on keeping my trays and keeping my whitening routine up sporadically when I need it. :) You can purchase whitening gel on its own to keep up your routine! I hope you enjoyed this post and it inspires you a little bit!

xoxo Maelese



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