Beachy Vibes in Santa Rosa


Traveling with kids isn't easy! That's just the honest truth haha. We took a family beach trip to Santa Rosa beach and it was a ton of fun...but a lot of work! These are a few photos from our trip. It was the first time the kids could really enjoy the beach and they loved it. I am STILL finding sand in random places.

Here is a little personal update. We have been replacing the lining on our in-ground pool and that should be done this weekend! We had the great idea to do it ourselves so it has taken longer than expected. We have also hit several snags but hey, it has saved us thousands so I can't complain! I was also asked to be the guest influencer at our local Banana Republic next weekend, so if you're local you should definitely stop by! These things always make me so nervous but I love growing as a brand so I am both nervous AND excited! As always, I'll take you along with me :)

Hope you guys are having a great Wednesday!

xoxo Maelese