How To Shop The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!


Every year I shop this sale and every year I still get so excited for it! I know it can be a little overwhelming with all the bloggers you follow posting about it and hyping it up. Well, my goal is to help by making navigating the sale a little clearer and simpler. Here are my tips and tricks to shopping the sale without being overwhelmed.

Why shop the sale? The Nordstrom sale is a great way to get a jump on your fall wardrobe or to stock up on staple pieces. It's the time to purchase those boots or that purse that is normally out of your price range! Normally when you shop a sale it's items that the store is trying to get rid of. With the Nordstrom annual sale, it is all new items! There are not only fall items on sale but also a decent summer selection and lots of althleisure and work out gear.

Dates you need to know:

Early Access Sale ( for card holders) - July 12

Sale open to everyone - July 20

August 5 - Last day of sale before prices return to normal!

#1- Get the Nordstrom card. This is how you gain early access to the sale and you also get all sorts of perks like Nordstrom Notes (basically account credits) and earning points for every purchase you make. I don't think you won't enjoy the sale if you don't have a card. So, not to worry because there will be plenty of stuff left when the sale is open to the public.

#2- Plan out what you want to get/ go for. Going through the Nordstrom Sale Catalog will be a huge help to help you see what will be on sale. Also, take an inventory of what you already have in your closet. Do you need new jeans, boots, basics, or cardigans? Take note of what needs updating in your wardrobe and go for those items during the sale.

#3 Don't hesitate on things! There is nothing worse than seeing "sold out" on an item you wanted. Ok, that is dramatic and such first world problems haha! But don't wait too long on items so that they sell out. Nordstrom has an incredible return policy so if you have buyers remorse, they will accept your return with no issues! Plus it is free shipping and free returns.

#4 Keep up with all your fav bloggers, including me :). I will be updating my blog with all of my top picks and what I end up purchasing from the sale! I don't live near a Nordstrom so I will be doing all my shopping online but still follow along.