My Fall Bucketlist


So, I'm sure you have seen lots of Fall bucket lists but I couldn't help but make and post mine too. I love getting ideas from lots of different lists to make my own unique(ish) list. So hopefully this gives you ideas or inspires you a little bit. I took all of these gorgeous photos from Pinterest but they all show my favorite things about fall. Most of you know that I live in Florida so we don't really get a typical Fall...I'm going to pretend. So there. :)

Here are a list of recipes I plan on using to complete my list!

Candy corn popcorn


Gameday brownies

Gourmet s'mores bar

Chili recipe #1 (white chicken chili)

Chili recipe #2 (chili mac)

Chili recipe #3 (creamy chicken enchilada chili)

What is on your Fall bucket list or to-do list? I love reading everyone else's. I plan on having a lot more content coming for you guys in these upcoming weeks. Sometimes I get a little burnt out on my blog and other times I feel really inspired! I'm feeling more inspired these days. Next month will be my one year anniversary of starting this blog. I can't believe I've kept this up for a year haha. Can't lie, I'm pretty proud of myself for it. Thank you for reading if you've made it this far :)


- Maelese