How I Save For A Room Makeover

Just trying to keep it real here. Messy room and no makeup. :)

This is a happy AND sad blog post for me haha! My twins are approaching three and I'm not even really sure where the time went. Sometimes it feels like it's been a million years and other times I feel like I blink and time has passed. All that to say, we recently replaced the twins' cribs with toddler beds!! I was more sad about the process than I thought I would be. I'll most likely never have a crib in the house again and that was kind of a sad thought for me. On top of the emotional toll (Ok, I know that's dramatic) it took on me to change their beds, I was also dreading the financial cost of two new beds with all new bedding. Twins can be financially taxing sometimes haha! I can't really say that I'm looking forward to having them both in college. Lord, help us.

I found this company named Reel that helped me purchase both beds. Let me give you my honest opinion here...Reel is amazing! I am so excited to be doing a partnership with them. Here is the gist of using Reel. You pick an item you'd like to save for, you link your bank account to your Reel account and it withdraws payments (amount and how often are up to you) to go towards the item you're looking to purchase. Once the item amount has been saved up, that item is purchased for you and sent right to you :) . They have a TON of items on their website from Pottery Barn items to Gucci belts (which will probably be my next Reel). They have a ton of kid items to choose from so whatever your style or budget is, they'll have something for you.

You can click here to start your first Reel! Use code

"C-MAELESE2019" for $15 off your first Reel!!!

I love saving for items this way because it does it for me and I don't even have to think about it. Try it out and let me know what you think!



Before Pictures:

After Pictures:

Ellie's Bedding:

All of her bedding is from Target. Shop the items below!!

Emmett's Bedding:

All of his bedding is from Target. Shop the items below!!