Treating Yo Self... Without The Mom Guilt!


Let's just be honest here... mom guilt is a real thing. I hate when it creeps up and sometimes put a damper on things. Life as a mom can be an inner battle of treating/taking care of yourself or putting your children's needs/wants before your own.

One of the ways I combat that mom guilt, is by using Reel to purchase items for myself! It helps spread the cost of saving for any item (splurge or not) so that feeling of guilt is not even in the cards. They have everything from designer items to home decor and furniture. Here is how Reel works in a nutshell. You pick the item you want to save for, pick how much (either daily or weekly) you'd like to save for that item, link your bank account to start automatic contribution towards that item, and once you save the full amount they will purchase the item for you! You can track your savings as well which I love.

You can use code "C-MAELESE2019" to get $15 off your first Reel! Happy shopping, guys! :)