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Why It's Okay to Not Have It All Together (and a family update)

First off all, let me start off by saying how much I have missed writing to you all. I think it's important to take breaks when you can feel you need them but I am back and I hope to bring you content regularly!

I haven't written a blog post since November 2019 so let me tell you what has happened since then. I'm sure you all know that life now looks very different for us all but as far as a family update...

Eric and I both turned 29, my daughter completed her Kindergarten school year, all my kids had birthdays (they turned 6, 4, 4) and we've just been trying to navigate life with COVID-19 and doing the best we can.

I felt strongly about writing on this topic for my first post back because I feel it's something everyone needs to hear and be reminded of, myself included! Especially during these trying times, I think knowing it's OK to not have everything all together is crucial!

So, this is a post for the woman who needs the reminder that she doesn’t have to have it all together. You can do anything, but you can’t do EVERYTHING.. at least not all at once.

1. It's OK to take time for yourself.

This is not selfish. IT IS ESSENTIAL. This one is most important to me. I think people (especially mothers) often skip this step and to me cant take a huge toll on my mental heath. Self-care and taking time for yourself can look like many different things. It can range anywhere from allowing yourself to be "unproductive" for a certain amount of time, a relaxing bath, catching up on your favorite show, to working out, etc.